Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

You might remember that i sometimes partake in caroleknits ten on tuesday mime that i ran across thanks to kim from the woolen rabbit. .  I didnt get to last weeks, but this week she didnt seem to get a subject out so i'm doing last week's a little late :).

The subject for last time was : Ten things you always take with you on a trip

The sacrifices i make for those kids
(me at the airport from my last trip, doing what i do best - scouting out a starbucks as there are no starbucks around here! (GASP! i know! can you believe it!)

  1. knitting : This is the most important thing i take with me!  I spend much more time thinking on what project i will want to work on on the plane or in the car, what projects i will want to work on oncei get where i'm going.  This is truly the first thing i decide on and the thing i make sure i have room for - fortunately it doesnt take up a lot of room ;D
  2. make-up : and i dont even wear make-up very often (well i go through phases, it used to be very important to me, then no make-up whatsoever for years, and recently make-up every day again because i've been doing my hair up vintage-style and wearing cat's wing eyeliner and RED lips lately - part of my weight loss efforts - long story - if i ihavent talked about my lipstick plan, remind me and i will ;) ) but i always take a ton when i travel.  i mean, really, what if i decide to get duded up and dont have any makeup?  i was quite proud of myself over my last two trips.  i took one eyeliner and mascara, 3 lipsticks, and an all in one foundation and powder. MUCH better :D  And i didnt even miss the rest :D
  3. lotion : i have these great plans to rescue my crocodile legs.  I think i'll have all this time and energy to lotion up over trips.  i never take the time to do it though. so my lotion, which usually sits unloved in my bathroom, travels overseas with me and...sits in my suitcase...then i bring it back home to its usual bathroom spot.  poor unloved lotion ;P
  4. clothes, obviously lol : though they take up a surprisingly small percentage of my suitcase space.  usually one pair of jeans on me, one i take, and 5 ish tops.
  5. undergraments, again, duh! lol : after my yarnie obsessions this is my next big concern.  i have to go through and pick out my favorite most comfy undergarments and pack them with love lol
  6. toiletries...duh once more.  though what's intersting about my toiletrie bag is that i bring no comb or brush.  i never ever ever used to use either.  however now that i do victory rolls quite often,i do use a comb to back comb and a brush to untangle the back-combed rat's nest that evening.
  7. bible : my bible is absolutely ginormous and very heavy.  i always bring it because much like my lotion time, i think ill put aside all this special spiritual time while im travelling.  i never do.  most times i dont even crack it open.  my sister told me i had better not bring that big old thing next time, that she obviously has one i can borrow if needs be lol.
  8. chocolate or other gift, but 99% of the time, it includes chocolate in some form or another : im a choco-holic which means i obviously think everyone else in their right mind would totally agree with me that chocolate is the very best gift you can ever receive
  9. did i mention knitting? : i mean, really, what if i actually finish that mega-lace shawl and the sweater and the gloves and the hat i planned on taking?  i need to have something else to cast on, right?! i mean, you get it, right?
  10. ok so that doesnt really count ;) it was number 1 after all right?  my ipod!  with more than i could possibly listen to on it.  my constant companion
  11. yoga mat and dvds and work out clothes and shoes and bathing suit and goggles : same syndrome as lotion and make-up and bible.  HAVE to bring these because i just know i'll have dedicated yoga, swimming, and exercise time every single day...and i never get any of them out.  yoga mat may not be very heavy but that dude takes up a lot of room lol.

I just realized i didnt even put money and passports and bank card on the list.  that of course goes with me too!  Gosh, there really is a lot to bring along, huh?

And return trip?  ROFLOL!  Ask my sis about that!!!

So what do you bring along on your trips? Am i the only silly willy out there?

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